Ordering Information

Types of rental and purchase  
All works may be rented or purchased for screenings or exhibitions. Works may be purchased for archival use by museums, video libraries and media collections or for educational purposes by educational institutions. Persons such as researchers may obtain copies for personal use only. According to the intended use of a work, different contracts apply:  

- Single or repeated theatrical screening during a public event or exhibition. A screening implies a single or repeated public presentation of a work within a given context- i.e festival, exhibition, media event. Screening rights cover a period fixed in advance and require the payment of screening fees.  
- Media library and public screening purchase. A media library purchase provides an institution or organisation with in-house public performance rights and archival rights. A work can be screened within the activities of an institution’s video library on a monitor for research or teaching purposes.

Public screenings are allowed only within the institution’s activities. A media library purchase does not include public screening rights outside the institution nor exploitation rights for television broadcast, home video use or the right to publish the work on the internet.  

- Educational purchase. Contracts for educational purchases include screening rights within the activities of an institution with pedagogical functions such as schools, universities or other institutions dedicated to research. The work can be shown on a monitor or a screen for research and teaching purposes only. However, this agreement does not include exploitation rights for television broadcast, nor the exploitation for home video use, nor the use within the theatrical domain, nor the right to publish the work on internet.  

- Home purchase. Copies on DVD are available for private, individual use to provide researchers, artists and theorists with the possibility to study a work. This excludes any form of public presentation.     

How to order  
Orders may be placed directly online, by following the ordering procedure on our website.

If you wish to order one or several of the titles distributed by Argos Centre for Art and Media, please go to the work’s detailed record and click on the Order Item button. Orders may contain one or several items. You can access the contents of your shopping basket at all times by clicking the Review Order button. Once your selection is completed, please provide your contact information. Check the accuracy of all details and click on the Send Order button to submit your order. There is no need to print out the order form unless you wish to do so for your own personal records.  You will be notified by email about availability, prices and special technical conditions some works may require. Once you have replied to this email, your order is considered as valid. Please note that oral agreements can not be taken into account.

For more information, distribution@argosarts.org

Pricing policy 
Screening and purchase prices are fixed individually and depend on the following criteria: length of the work, number of projections or period of a public event, screening format and number of titles of a particular artist requested.

We are prepared to consider each request’s special nature and we will try to respond to it as far as possible. Different price schemes apply to individual home-use purchases and institutional purchases for media libraries and archives.    

Available formats for preview, screening and pruchase
All previews are in DVD format. For screenings, works are available either in Beta SP or DVD format. For some of the works, 16 mm or 35 mm film copies exist.  For archival use, works may be purchased on Beta SP and Digital Betacam.  Other screening formats such as DVCAM, Mini DV or Digital Beta can be provided on request. Please specify such requirements when placing your order.   

Preview tapes
If you wish to watch a work prior to organising a public event, please specify in the field for Comments/Questions that what you request is a preview copy. These should be returned within a month. A unique fee for handling and shipping may apply.  

Returning copies

Screening copies must be returned to Argos within 3 weeks after the end of your event. Please make sure to use protected envelopes to wrap tapes properly so that they arrive in decent condition. In case of damage or loss of tapes returned, loaners will be held responsible and are asked to pay fees to replace the copies.  When shipping from outside of the European Community, make sure to declare your parcel as being For Cultural Purposes and Without Commercial Value. Tapes which have not been returned within 3 weeks after the end of an event are automatically considered as being a media library purchase. They will be invoiced as such. However, exceptions can be made if Argos is informed in due time about the delayed return of a copy.   

Copyright information
Copyright for all works is held by the artists and Argos vzw Centre for Art and Media and cannot be transferred to third parties unless written consent is given by Argos. Tapes may not be copied, digitally reproduced and stored, transferred or sub-leased to third parties. No extracts or still images may be produced without prior authorisation by Argos.