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Since it was first founded, in 1989, Argos considered the distribution of artists' film and video as one of its main activities. For the past twenty years, the aim has been - and continues to be – the promotion of Belgian and international visual artists who produce screenbased works or installations with audiovisual media. By actively distributing a wide range of these works, Argos encourages the cutting-edge diversity that characterises today's visual and audiovisual arts sector directly. Its constantly updated and expanding distribution catalogue enables Argos to promote new forms of artistic practice and to act as a dynamic showcase / presentation platform for curators, art institutions and galleries, festival programmers as well as researchers and scholars. Argos offers single screenings as well as exhaustive artists' retrospectives, combined programmes and curated exhibitions. With work spanning from the Seventies to today, Argos' distribution catalogue provides one with the possibility of compiling thematic programmes and contextualising them in today's media landscape by combining historic and recent titles. 

Practical information for professionals

Each individual title and all programmes are available for single or multiple screenings, exhibitions and broadcasting. They can be purchased for media-library, public or private use. Prices indicated are for one, single screening. Please contact for further information and requests of screening/preview copies. Also have a look at Ordering Info under Distribution.   

Practical information for artists
Argos offers distribution contracts on a non-exclusive basis. Archiving and conservation agreements can also be created, allowing artists to benefit from Argos’ in-house archiving facilities.